Creating Carved in Granite based on the Legend of Chocorua

Chocorua Lake and Chocorua Mountain sunset

The Process of Writing Historical Fiction Six years of research and late, lonely nights with only your thoughts and doubts, finally came to fruition when I published Carved in Granite: Cornelius Campbell and the legend of Chocorua. It was a humbling journey as I explored early 18th century New England fraught with hostilities and disease […]

Leipers Fork Bovine Sunset

Bovine Sunset- Leipers Fork Greens on limestone. A regular bovine paradise. Cool June Breeze, a cloud canopy to reflect the sunlight, and not a plague in sight. Bovine Sunset over at Leipers Fork, TN A beautiful sunset over at Leiper’s Fork, TN.  These bovine’s have the best real estate in the Leipers Fork. This image […]

Nashville Skyline-Last Night

Nashville Skyline Photo

Nashville Skyline Photo from across the Cumberland I got a new Nashville Skyline photograph last night. While I was setting up a guy popped the question next to me and she said “yes!”. They’re off to a good start! I also got a few shots of couples with the city in the background. It was […]

Ernest Hemingway house Key West

Ernest Hemingway House cat in Key West

Earnest Hemingway House Key West Florida Ernest Hemingway house in Key West. Photo 1: One of many beautiful cats prowling Ernest Hemingway’s historic home in Key west, Florida. The rain was heavy outside, tourist herded together around the bed, but it made had no effect on this Hemingway cat. Photo 2: An old portable typewriter […]

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