Earnest Hemingway House Key West Florida

Ernest Hemingway house in Key West.

Photo 1: One of many beautiful cats prowling Ernest Hemingway’s historic home in Key west, Florida. The rain was heavy outside, tourist herded together around the bed, but it made had no effect on this Hemingway cat.

Photo 2: An old portable typewriter presumably off Ernest Hemingway’s fishing boat. Due to a lingering war-time injury Hemingway stood while typed his manuscripts. If you look close, you can read about the admiration he had for his boat.

Ernest Hemingway wrote several notable works during his time living in Key West, Florida. Some of the books he wrote while residing there include:

1. “To Have and Have Not” (1937): A novel set in Key West and Cuba, following the struggles of a fishing boat captain during the Great Depression.

2. “The Green Hills of Africa” (1935): A non-fiction account of Hemingway’s safari adventures in East Africa.

3. “Death in the Afternoon” (1932): A non-fiction book exploring the bullfighting culture in Spain.

4. “Winner Take Nothing” (1933): A collection of short stories featuring various themes and settings.

5. “The Snows of Kilimanjaro and Other Stories” (1961): Another collection of short stories, which includes the famous title story set in Africa.

It’s worth noting that Hemingway did not publish any novels during his time in Key West after 1937. However, he continued to work on other projects and wrote numerous short stories, articles, and essays during this period.

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