4 Great New Hampshire Historical Fiction Books

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Here are four great NH historical fiction books that will transport you to another time in place in New Hampshire’s past from early pioneer woes to a good old fashion murder mysterious.  I’ve included my own novel based on the legend of Chocorua. 

Look To The Mountain” by LeGrand Cannon Jr. is an epic tale of two young settlers in the foothills of New Hampshire’s White Mountains on the eve of the American Revolution. This novel offers a direct window into the pioneer and frontier life in New Hampshire. Available Here (Amazon associate affiliate link).

Carved in Granite: Cornelius Campbell and the Legend of Chocorua by Jeremy Osgood – This book weaves a novel from the legend of Chocorua, a New Hampshire folktale. Set in the early 1700s, it tells the hardships of life on the frontier from the perspective of Cornelius Campbell, a Scottish immigrant who develops a friendship with a Pequawket native, Chocorua.  The two men fight to save their families after the Scalp Act of 1721 ignites hostilities across the frontier. Available Here (Amazon associate affiliate link).

The Weight of Water by Anita Shreve takes you to Smuttynose Island, off the coast of New Hampshire. Through the lens of a photographer researching a century-old crime, Shreve intertwines the past with the present, exploring themes of jealousy, trust, and the consequences of our actions. This novel delves into New Hampshire’s history through a gripping narrative. Available Here (Amazon associate affiliate link)

Peyton Place by Grace Metalious, a groundbreaking novel upon its release in 1956, uncovers the hidden complexities of a small, respectable New England town. Metalious’s work offers a vivid portrayal of community life, touching on the passions, vices, and struggles of its people​​. Available Here (Amazon associate affiliate link)

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