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Editorial Review

“In writing a fictional account of the Chocorua story Jeremy Osgood has tackled the unknowable. Taking on the challenge of providing mythical “documentation” where there is none by utilizing the rich history of folklore and myth surrounding the Chocorua story as a tapestry into which he weaves his own version of the myth. Plausible, historically true to the realities of the period and sensitive to the cultural differences that made the outcome doomed to a tragic end. It’s a great read, especially for those who love NH folk tales, very sensitively written and quite believable as one possible through-line in a dangerous and savage time.”Wayne D. King, NH Secrets, Legend and Lore published on -The NH Center for Public Interest Journalism.

Coming Soon: Beneath the Surface Waters

Deep beneath the surface waters of Lake Winnipesaukee live creatures most people thought had long past or never knew they existed at all.  There are turtles with shells as thick as iron, and fish with stingers as sharp as knives, and rainbow trout that radiate and internal light as warm as a thousand shimmering candles.  There are also terryifying creatures hidden in the depths beyond imagination.  They live in the wetlands of Twenty Mile Bay, in the Broads off Rattlesnake Island, and within the watery caverns that wind beneath the Ossipee Mountains.

Reubin and his brothers must travel through the fish fossil catacombs, beyond the Earth’s crust, in search of an anecdote to reverse an old family potion that has transformed their lives.  After a harrowing journey, they find more than they bargained for as the the Earth’s mantle is being altered, threatening a super volcano that could destroy their hometown.  Presented with no good choices, the boys must search their souls and face new demons to save their community.

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