Wolfeboro Bay Photos

Two photos taken from the Smith Center on the campus of Brewster Academy where I’ve been coaching some JV hoops this winter.   Between a knee surgery and coaching, I haven’t been taking as many photos but I am planning a photoblog re-design and getting back on Wolfeboro photo wagon for 2013.     The northwestern side of the lake: […]

2012 Broken Reflections

Walking along Lake Wentworth with a camera reflecting on 2011 and noticed the broken reflection of the water by sporadic ice-in.   I know it's a different sort of reflection but whenever you look back on events there always seems to be moments of clarity broken up by all the other things around you.  Here is to more clarity […]

Foggy Start

  Photo of Wolfeboro Bay from behind Yum Yum Shop this morning…waiting for the first day of Nursery School at the train station.   The calm before the color.  The summer is already winding down.

Muskrat sunset on water

 Photo taken at Back Bay on the path.  The sunset is just a reflection on the water.   This particular spot is very colorful at sunset looking over Back Bay.  I stood in one spot and tried to get as many unique photos from that single point.  The album of photos is here on my Facebook Page.

You can’t stop it

You can only hold it down for so long.   Day lily in snow.  Just an early sign of spring in Wolfeboro.

Twenty Year Moon

    Twenty year moon over Lake Wentworth.  Two Photos.  Here's a link about the perigee moon event: http://www.cnn.com/2011/US/03/18/nasa.moon/index.html?hpt=C2

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