Mount Shaw 
This photo was taken at 8:54am this morning from Beech Pond Road near the Ossipee town line.   If you like winter activities there is something energizing about a fresh snowfall.  The sunlight was magnified this morning after two days of cloud cover and the snowflakes sparkled in the fields from the reflection.

You could write volumes about the Ossipee Range and how it has shaped our landscape.  From its geological features as an ancient volcanic ring dike that replenishes our aquifers, lakes, streams, and ponds to the 180ft deep Dan Hole Pond and its legendary lake trout, to the Algonquin Ossipee Indian sites, and supposedly a sacrificial stone somewhere on the side of Mount Shaw. 

My grandfather, an old ridge runner, has spent his life in these mountains starting as a young boy working in the old logging camps.  It is quite an area to explore if you've got some time.   This custom USGS map with updated road overlay really shows the strong volcanic origins of the range.

Ossipee Range

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