Nursery final 

How cool is it for a pre-schooler to attend school for the first time at the old train station?  Well just ask a 3-5 year old and they'll pipe up.    Better yet, bring your child to the Open House on February 13th from 10am-noon.  Meet, learn, explore and find out what this 50 year-old non-profit has to offer in giving your child a head start.  
My daughter just couldn't wait to go to school here every day. They have two fantastic teachers in Paula Bechard and Donna Wood and it amazes me how parents and community volunteers sacrifice so much of their time and resources to keep the Nursery school thriving year after year.   To learn more about the Wolfeboro Nursery School check out the link below.    They also have a facebook fan page.
Enrollment is open for next fall for Wolfeboro and surrounding communities so don't get wait listed. 

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