Maybelle the Cow/Dog

Maybelle is a cow that thinks she's a dog.  When you come close she starts running back and forth waggin' her tail with vigor.   She loves a good treat and she swoons to be rubbed, especially behind the ears and under the chin.   If you're not giving her proper attention she'll put a good 200lb […]

2011 Smith River Canoe Race -Photo Gallery

 Here is an action photo gallery of every participant in the 2011 Smith River Canoe Race, Wolfeboro, NH.  Here is a link to the complete album.  I am offering these digital photos in high resolution to participants to raise funds for the Free Foley Non-Profit organization.  Thankfully,Wolfeboro native and dear friend James Foley was released from a detention center […]

200th Post: James Foley

I wanted to dedicate the 200th post today to captured journalist and good friend Jim Foley who grew up here in Wolfeboro.   In January he came up for a visit and we met up with a group of friends at the Wolfeboro Inn to catch up.   Jim knows the risks that he takes when travelling to these hot spots but he's so passionate […]

Huggins Hospital Demolition

If you didn't make it by Huggins Hospital on South Main St. today, phase two of the make-over has begun with the demolition of the original building from 1907.  Here is a map of the new facility:  On a side note, the 73rd annual Hospital Aid Street Fair kicks off this weekend.  For more […]

ABC’s 20/20

A photo of the film crew in town yesterday from my office window.

Granite Kids Triathlon

Here we have a group of four and five year olds making their way around the lifeguard during the swim portion of the 19th annual Granite Kids Triathlon at Brewster Beach this past Saturday.  The race took the little rug rats up and down Clarke Rd. for the run and bike segments.   It's just as fun […]

York’s Wild Kingdom Zoo

   Two photos from York's Animal Kingdom.   It's one of the few places where the kids can interact with the animals up close.   Anyone want to pet this kitty?  Just over an hour from the Lakes Region.  Backroads through Milton and Southern Maine is a breeze.

Winni Boat Rentals

Whether you are just visiting the Lakes Region or reside in Wolfeboro and want to explore Winnipesaukee by boat for a few days a year, I would highly recommend checking out the boat rental program at Goodhue and Hawkins Marina on Sewall Road.  I took a boat out this Memorial Weekend and the staff was beyond exceptional.  They bent over backward […]

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