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Reflections on James Foley’s life, “Jim’s perspective was more of the macro style with big wide angles and no filters”.

Wolfeboro: Character of Lore, Monte-zuma

Wolfeboro Legend Monte-zuma This is the true story of a character from Wolfeboro Falls called Monte…Monte-zuma in full.   This wasn’t his real name but that’s what the local boys used to call him back in the late 1950’s. Anyone familiar with the Smith River Canoe Race in Wolfeboro Falls knows where he lived because it is right on the opposite shoreline in a 12×8′ ft sturdy shack 80 yards down from the rapids. To this day, there is a sunken wooden platform covered in slippery moss that he used to get back and forth across the river.   Back then, the wooden platform was above water and Monte covered it with corrugated roofing to keep it from getting wet.  The roofing was also nice and loud in case he had any visitors which will come later in the story.Monte was the night watchman and maintenance man for the Wolfeboro Mills that used to exist along that long flat stretch of river across from his shack.  He had a pigeon coup right at the edge of the river and he raised the pigeons for food.  He also enjoyed eating fish he caught from the river.   Monte wasn’t a lean scraggly-old hermit but actually clean shaven and roundly with a receding hairline.   He didn’t mind a visitor now and again;  he was known to serve his guests soda biscuits and peanut butter from his outdoor stone fireplace.  He entertained with a pet racoon and a blue jay that he spoke to as if they were his children. One night some local boys were camping out in Wolfeboro Falls and they decided it would be a good idea to give old Monte a scare.   Ronnie Keslar was up for the task and started across the wooden platform on the river until the corrugated roofing gave him up.   The shack door flew open and Ronnie ran for his life as he heard the bellow and the hammer of the gun.  He ran so fast in the darkness that he stumbled to the ground as a bullet went over his head into the sign post above.   Monte wasn’t bothered much at night by the boys again.  It wasn’t until a Mr. Malone purchased the mill and it was converted from excelsior to t-shirt manufacturing that Monte was forced to move on.   His shack was burned to the ground and all that remains is the sunken wooden platform and stones from the outdoor fireplace.   By Jeremy Osgood Author and Photographer Visit my photo gallery PHOTOS 4 NATURE Check Out Jeremy’s Historical Novel Based On the Legend Of Chocorua PHOTOSNATURE Click here to View my Gallery and Purchase Images Instagram Facebook Linkedin Youtube

O-SO-GOOD Barber Stylist

Judy Osgood and Michelle Riley celebrate their 15 year anniversary of cutting hair together this past week at the O-So-Good Barber shop/Hair Salon behind Clarke's plaza.   I asked the dynamic duo if they had a name for their team, "Tom and Jerry", and they said it was more like "Archie and Edith".   I'll let you decide who's who.  They claim they've never had an argument.   They've done thousands of cuts and handed out an equal number of lollie pops to children from the shop and playground next door.   Judy originally started the shop over 30 years ago out of her home on River Street. 

Wolfeboro…Back to the Future?

  Come on all you Back to the Future movie fans…you know you thought the same thing driving down Main Street Wolfeboro at night.    Maybe a double take?    Universal Studios could have saved a whole lot of coin on their movie set in the mid-80's had they just consulted Brewster Academy.  Just imagine what could have been…Oldest Summer Resort in America, idyllic New England Village on the shores of Lake Winnipesaukee,  and set location where Michael J Fox and his DeLorean light up Main street and activate the flux capacitor when lightning strikes the clock tower precisely at 10:04pm on November 12, 1885.  To learn more about Brewster Academy: www.brewsteracademy.org

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