James Foley

Reflections on James Foley’s life, “Jim’s perspective was more of the macro style with big wide angles and no filters”.

Wolfeboro: Character of Lore, Monte-zuma

Wolfeboro Legend Monte-zuma This is the true story of a character from Wolfeboro Falls called Monte…Monte-zuma in full.   This wasn’t his real name but that’s what the local boys used to call him back in the late 1950’s. Anyone familiar with the Smith River Canoe Race in Wolfeboro Falls knows where he lived because it is right on the opposite shoreline […]

Hobbit casting call in Wolfeboro

This should be the Orc King in the upcoming Hobbit movie in December, 2012.  Actually, it’s my old buddy and fermented apple drunkard porcupine back for the spring.   He’ll have the last laugh probably when my chocolate lab finds him again for the $300 midnight trip to the Winnipesaukee Emergency Veterinarian in Meredith. 

From Cotton Mountain

The wind was howling across Cotton Mountain today with fresh snow wind devils.  View over Lake Wentworth and the Belknap Mountains.  

Berry Picking

  There are few things in the growing season we enjoy more than in-season berries and stocking a freezer full for the winter.   This batch of strawberries came from a pick-your-own farm over in Farmington, NH.  Yesterday we went to a mountaintop full of wild blueberries.  The wild berries are much smaller and slower to […]

Kid on a 50 Cal

 It's hard to miss a kid driving down main street pointing a 50 Caliber machine gun at pedestrians.  It was part of the Wright Museum's Family Fun day today.  Pretty cool weekend in town between the Children Center Fairy exhibition, the craft show, cate park music…it's just nice to see some life and the sun's […]

Lonely Sailor

 Poor Sailor.  Out there on Lake Wentworth all by themselves on a tuesday afternoon without a care in the world.   Where did I put my violin.   Photo taken from 85 Square Hill.

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