Leipers Fork Bovine Sunset

Bovine Sunset- Leipers Fork Greens on limestone. A regular bovine paradise. Cool June Breeze, a cloud canopy to reflect the sunlight, and not a plague in sight. Bovine Sunset over at Leipers Fork, TN A beautiful sunset over at Leiper’s Fork, TN.  These bovine’s have the best real estate in the Leipers Fork. This image was taken during the Covid shutdown just after I had gotten over the sickness, patient #35.  My momma up in NH must be so proud. Anyways…It was a welcome sight seeing these cow’s dining on greens over limestone.  It felt a like a touch of heaven after being quarantined by my wife for 3 weeks.  Check out my Photogallery at www.photos4nature.com.  Where you can get a digital download of this print for $10 and print it anywhere, on any medium.  Yeah, I know, that’s a bonafide bargain.  And the best part, it comes with a license and 25% is donated back to nature conservation.   PHOTOS4NATURE Click here for Photogallery Instagram Facebook Linkedin Youtube

Sandwich Range Sunset

 This photo has been taken a thousand times going north on route 16 over by the small bridge bridge that looks across Chocorua Lake at Mt. Chocorua.  I widened the angle to get Mt. Chocorua, Paugus, Whiteface and the sunset directly over Passaconway. Chocorua mountain is one of NH's signature landmarks that tells travelers they are entering the north country .   This sunset photo was taken at 8pm last night while homeward bound.   I also love to catch rainbow trout with my old ridge runner grandfather here.  Here is a link to a previous Mt. Chocorua view with Mt. Washington backdrop from a hike this winter: http://www.wolfeborochronicle.com/blog/2010/03/mount-chocurua-and-mount-washington.html.   

Sweet Crabapple

Usually picking a photo is easy, but tonight it was so difficult I'm going to post an album in facebook dedicated to this crabapple shoot just after sunset.  Ironically, I'm featuring a photo that is based more on contrast, tone and shape than the flowering Crabapple tree.  It looked more like a painting.  I was mesmerized by the sweet scent so the shooting got a little carried away.  Once your nostrils lock on crabapple there is no going back…well… at least until the lilacs come or an apple pie passes by.

Old Glory Eclipse in Wolfeboro

This time of year the sunset is directly over the town as you are coming from South Main street.   I was waiting for the sunset shot on the hill when Old glory went aglow.  The Flags lining the street make it feel like the fourth of July all year long.

Sunset from Pinckney Boat House

If you were in town yesterday if was hard to miss the colors in the sky.  I got this photo over by Brewster's Pinckney Boat House.  The photo is overlooking the middle of Wolfeboro Bay from the eastern shore looking toward Sewall Road and Gunstock ski area. 

Meredith Rotary Fishing Derby

"Fishing?  really…are you serious?"  That's the text a friend of mine got from his wife while we were on the ice yesterday morning and the wind chills hit -20F at around 6:45am.   I just don't have time to explain…   The holes refroze within 5 minutes and the ice cracked like the knees of a 90 year old man.   Let's just say there was some ice making going on.  Going to sleep like a frozen log tonight.

Wolfeboro Bay Sunset

It's nice to finally turn the corner on the winter solstice and get a little more light every day.   This sunset opportunity came at 10 minutes to five this afternoon.   I actually saw some ducks flying north into the bay today…if you listened to the national media you would think they were migrating back to NH for our moderate climates.    Florida in the 20's?  Cate Park looks so peaceful in the winter.  A far cry from the summer concerts in the park.

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