Winni Belle Sunset Cruise

This is a camera phone special from Wolfeboro Area Nursery School's sunset cruise fundraiser on the Winni belle , Lake Winnipesaukee this past friday night.   Margaritas and cutting-the-planks is optional.   If you are planning a trip to the area with family or friends the sunset cruise is a great way to see the lake and have […]

Foggy Start

  Photo of Wolfeboro Bay from behind Yum Yum Shop this morning…waiting for the first day of Nursery School at the train station.   The calm before the color.  The summer is already winding down.

Snapping Turtles Laying Eggs

 Female Snapping turtles are on the move all over Wolfeboro Falls to find soft ground to lay their eggs.  It takes 9 to 18  weeks for the eggs to hatch.   These turtles are on the move between Goodwin's Basin (Moody's Pond) and Crescent Lake on the Bridge Falls Path.  Photo courtesy of Jennifer Osgood.   Here is more info […]

Most Welcome

 Patches of exposed grass, three large Canadian geese V's flying north over the bay, 70 on the car dashboard, receding ice on Wolfeboro Bay and a long outside run in a t-shirt….most welcome.

Hucks Hoagies: Taco Pizza

  I'm not sure what happened to that slice between the shop and my house…Next time I better bring someone else along to guard the pizza.   They serve some good specialty pizzas now and this came highly recommended.

Steeple Glow

  In the dark New England months it's not hard to covet a few rays of sunshine.  So driving through Wolfeboro Falls yesterday at 3:45pm, I  was drawn to the setting sun blasting the Baptist church steeple with rays.   It's not as vibrant on a computer screen but the shadow contrast with the tree limbs gives […]

Spawning Salmon at the Bridge

   A sign of early spring in Wolfeboro after the last snowfall and again just before the snow flies in the late fall.    Large salmon effortlessly cruise the funnel current at the Wolfeboro bridge connecting back way and Wolfeboro Bay.  The second photo was taken at the Pope Dam in Melvin Village during the annual salmon sunday a couple of weeks ago.   The […]

Moonlight and Madness

 I wanted to say something about howling gobblers but all I can think about is whether my dog is going to keep pacing and sniffing from window to window which is common for her on bright cold nights.   I enjoyed this photo from a few nights ago: bare, cold limbs against a bright overcast sky.  It was taken in […]

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