From Cotton Mountain

The wind was howling across Cotton Mountain today with fresh snow wind devils.  View over Lake Wentworth and the Belknap Mountains.  

2012 Broken Reflections

Walking along Lake Wentworth with a camera reflecting on 2011 and noticed the broken reflection of the water by sporadic ice-in.   I know it's a different sort of reflection but whenever you look back on events there always seems to be moments of clarity broken up by all the other things around you.  Here is to more clarity in 2012.  I hope this freezes soon so we can do some lake skating.

Lonely Sailor

 Poor Sailor.  Out there on Lake Wentworth all by themselves on a tuesday afternoon without a care in the world.   Where did I put my violin.   Photo taken from 85 Square Hill.

Twenty Year Moon

    Twenty year moon over Lake Wentworth.  Two Photos.  Here's a link about the perigee moon event:

Spawning Salmon at the Bridge

   A sign of early spring in Wolfeboro after the last snowfall and again just before the snow flies in the late fall.    Large salmon effortlessly cruise the funnel current at the Wolfeboro bridge connecting back way and Wolfeboro Bay.  The second photo was taken at the Pope Dam in Melvin Village during the annual salmon sunday a couple of weeks ago.   The Fish and Game officer is "stripping" the eggs from this female salmon to fertilize it…well you know the rest of that story. 

Gray Mist Lake Wentworth

  On my way back from Brookfield on 109 Wentworth Road after a home closing this afternoon.   Dark at 4:35 today?!   I hope everyone's stored up a good supply of melatonin from this summer.  It's time for the pale, baggy-eyed shuffle for a few months.

Albee Beach in March

Winter in Wolfeboro is supposed to be just terrible?  Why would anyone want to be there?  If you can't change your latitude let Albee beach on Lake Wentworth change your negative attitude.  Come on now props, corny sayings…what's not to love.  It honestly felt like seventy-five on that beach today.  I'm far from official but I'd declare ice out on Wentworth after today!

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