Dog Running on Water

Mocha the chocolate lab was a stray dog rescued from Houston Texas 2 months ago.   If you want a really special dog that can do things like…oh I don't know…walk on water!   Then make sure you look into a rescue dog or check out a local shelter first.  You won't regret it.   Photo taken on Crescent lake […]

Water Lilies & Cat O’ Nine Tails

The extended period of clouds over the Lakes Region is long overdue and just in time to salvage wild and manicured summer gardens.   From a late frost that burned maple leaves to White Pines shedding needles due to the prolonged dry spell, this is much needed moisture.   The mother turtles were traveling last week and laying eggs along the […]

Smith River Dam

With all the moisture, wind gusts and snow melt over the past 48 hours, I thought the Smith River Dam would be close to breaching today so I went to get a photo.  The lake level was actually fine.  I recall past springs where it crests over the concrete and granite on both sides of the damn sending a torrent of water […]

Lake Wentworth Sunrise

  A crack of dawn wake-up reward…this photo was taken from the Bridge Falls path where the tracks split Fernald Basin from Wentworth.  Wentworth freezes several weeks before Winnipesaukee and usually a week or so before Crescent Lake due to currents from the Smith river canal and the the Smith river dam that drain into Back Bay,Winnipesaukee.   Wentworth […]

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