Wolfeboro Bay Photos

Two photos taken from the Smith Center on the campus of Brewster Academy where I’ve been coaching some JV hoops this winter.   Between a knee surgery and coaching, I haven’t been taking as many photos but I am planning a photoblog re-design and getting back on Wolfeboro photo wagon for 2013.     The northwestern side of the lake: […]

The Monarch of Perserverance

It can take up to three generations for a Monarch Butterfly to migrate the 4000 miles to various locations in the southern hemisphere and the mexican plateau.   A butterfly may not ever make it to the final destination but it instinctively makes the journey and sacrifices itself in the process to carry on the greater good. My brother in-law took us out […]

Winni Belle Sunset Cruise

This is a camera phone special from Wolfeboro Area Nursery School's sunset cruise fundraiser on the Winni belle , Lake Winnipesaukee this past friday night.   Margaritas and cutting-the-planks is optional.   If you are planning a trip to the area with family or friends the sunset cruise is a great way to see the lake and have […]

Foggy Start

  Photo of Wolfeboro Bay from behind Yum Yum Shop this morning…waiting for the first day of Nursery School at the train station.   The calm before the color.  The summer is already winding down.

Captain Schauer, Milli B and the Eclair

   The summer story of a marriage made in heaven (see photo 2).  For $20 you can take a little excursion from Wolfeboro Bay on Winnipesaukee aboard a 10-seater Garwood named the Milli B and if you're lucky you will get Dennis Schauer as your guide and captain extraordinaire.   Bring your own eclairs but bring an extra…well, ice cream […]

2011 Smith River Canoe Race -Photo Gallery

 Here is an action photo gallery of every participant in the 2011 Smith River Canoe Race, Wolfeboro, NH.  Here is a link to the complete album.  I am offering these digital photos in high resolution to participants to raise funds for the Free Foley Non-Profit organization.  Thankfully,Wolfeboro native and dear friend James Foley was released from a detention center […]

Most Welcome

 Patches of exposed grass, three large Canadian geese V's flying north over the bay, 70 on the car dashboard, receding ice on Wolfeboro Bay and a long outside run in a t-shirt….most welcome.

New Year-New Sunsets and a Bold Fisherman

 The first two days of 2011 have been rather balmy after the brisk stretch leading up to the new year.  The early mid-afternoon melting ice has created a low fog around town as the air temperature drops into later afternoon.  This bold ice-fisherman set up shop on the receding iceline on Wolfeboro Bay just an hour ago.  Photo […]

The Ice Tango

White on ice, deep hollows, and north face slopes.  The skating on small ponds is fantastic right now especially with a little clearing.   This photo at the Wolfeboro town docks shows the ice tango, 3 steps forward at night and 2 steps back by day.  Happy Holidays!

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