James Foley

Reflections on James Foley’s life, “Jim’s perspective was more of the macro style with big wide angles and no filters”.

Wolfeboro: Character of Lore, Monte-zuma

Wolfeboro Legend Monte-zuma This is the true story of a character from Wolfeboro Falls called Monte…Monte-zuma in full.   This wasn’t his real name but that’s what the local boys used to call him back in the late 1950’s. Anyone familiar with the Smith River Canoe Race in Wolfeboro Falls knows where he lived because it is right on the opposite shoreline […]

Brewster Academy 2012 High School Basketball Prep National Champions

Anyone who ever dreamed of accomplishing something great can appreciate the accomplishments of this years 2012 Brewster Academy basketball team.   The win over a very talented and undefeated Hargrave Military Academy out of Virginia last night in New Haven, CT, solidified this team as one of the best high school basketball teams in history.   With a minute and fourteen seconds on the game […]

Captain Schauer, Milli B and the Eclair

   The summer story of a marriage made in heaven (see photo 2).  For $20 you can take a little excursion from Wolfeboro Bay on Winnipesaukee aboard a 10-seater Garwood named the Milli B and if you're lucky you will get Dennis Schauer as your guide and captain extraordinaire.   Bring your own eclairs but bring an extra…well, ice cream […]

200th Post: James Foley

I wanted to dedicate the 200th post today to captured journalist and good friend Jim Foley who grew up here in Wolfeboro.   In January he came up for a visit and we met up with a group of friends at the Wolfeboro Inn to catch up.   Jim knows the risks that he takes when travelling to these hot spots but he's so passionate […]

249 More to Go

 The sun felt good today after a two day blizzard and John Donnolly was in good spirits clearing out this hydrant in front of Black's Paper Store.   He said they had 250 hydrants to dig out today in Wolfeboro.    

Bernard “Bun” McBride

    Bun is going to be sorely missed at Black's Paper Store and around town.  Here are two photos of things he enjoyed, the store itself and a good ole' Parodi cigar.  Cindy didn't know if anyone else enjoyed them but Bun did. Service to be held November 24 at All Saints church across from the Library […]

Halloween in Wolfeboro

   Two Halloween Photos.   The first is from a pumpkin carving gathering over at Abenaki Estates and the second shows some little trick-or-treaters up at Friar Tuck.  Thankfully the candy bowl has finally been dwindled down.  Stay Dry!

2010 Father/Daughter Dance

These photos from the Nursery School's Father Daughter Dance are courtesy of Kristi Roark,  a wonderful photographer that also does the shooting for MILKWEED clothing.  It was a beautiful night at the dance and I must say one of the best dates of my life.   In this photo is Lawton Harper with Audra and Ellie.  The second photo shows the […]

Cpl Mathew Stanley

 Cpl Mathew Stanley made the ultimate sacrifice while on patrol in Iraq.  This Memorial Day, he was honored by the community he left far to young with the dedication of the Smith River bridge on route 28 next to the Wright Museum. I wanted to make sure my young daughters understood the sacrifices our veterans have made so that we […]

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