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After many years of research, writing, editing, and revisions, I am excited to release Cornelius Campbell and the Legend of Chocorua. This historical novel is based on the legend of Chocorua in New Hampshire folklore. There is a road sign on Route 16, headed into the White Mountains, that gives a brief description of the legend:

Chocorua, a Pequawket Chief, left his son in the care of a nearby settler, Cornelius Campbell. Upon his return, he finds his son dead and avenges him with the murder of Cornelius’s family. Chocorua is then hunted up the mountainside where varying versions say that he is shot or leaps to his death but not before placing a curse on the surrounding countryside.

There are many different versions of the legend written in poems, town histories, and articles dating back to the 19th century. My fictional, alternate account, of the tale looks at the social, political and historical climate of the early 18th century New England frontier and weaves together the lives of three main characters caught on a brutal, contested frontier: The Scottish pioneer, Cornelius Campbell, a Pequawket named Chocorua, and the outcast Puddle Brothers from Portsmouth.

You can view all the details on my website at with links to pre-sale and paperback purchase options or sign-up to receive updates.

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