The Monarch of Perserverance

It can take up to three generations for a Monarch Butterfly to migrate the 4000 miles to various locations in the southern hemisphere and the mexican plateau.   A butterfly may not ever make it to the final destination but it instinctively makes the journey and sacrifices itself in the process to carry on the greater good. My brother in-law took us out […]

Hobbit casting call in Wolfeboro

This should be the Orc King in the upcoming Hobbit movie in December, 2012.  Actually, it’s my old buddy and fermented apple drunkard porcupine back for the spring.   He’ll have the last laugh probably when my chocolate lab finds him again for the $300 midnight trip to the Winnipesaukee Emergency Veterinarian in Meredith. 

Drunk Porcupine

After the big snowstorm this porcupine climbed the apple tree to wet its whistle on some fermented apples.  It  passed out a couple of times and then awoke to scoff down a few more.  It spent the whole day on the upper branches and could care less what passed below.   

Libby Museum Summer Program

 The Libby Museum has a great program for kids this summer on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10-12pm.  I've been bringing my 3 year old daughter and she just loves it.  On Wednesdays from 12-1pm the Squam Lake Science Center brings in various animals like this porcupine to teach the kids.  They have had a falcon, Owl, turtle… […]

Snapping Turtles Laying Eggs

 Female Snapping turtles are on the move all over Wolfeboro Falls to find soft ground to lay their eggs.  It takes 9 to 18  weeks for the eggs to hatch.   These turtles are on the move between Goodwin's Basin (Moody's Pond) and Crescent Lake on the Bridge Falls Path.  Photo courtesy of Jennifer Osgood.   Here is more info […]

Muskrat sunset on water

 Photo taken at Back Bay on the path.  The sunset is just a reflection on the water.   This particular spot is very colorful at sunset looking over Back Bay.  I stood in one spot and tried to get as many unique photos from that single point.  The album of photos is here on my Facebook Page.

Hairy Woodpecker Feast

 Cold temps always bring daydreams of fatty, rich food.  Here is a Hairy Woodpecker feeding on some suet/lard over at Friar Tuck Way.

Spawning Salmon at the Bridge

   A sign of early spring in Wolfeboro after the last snowfall and again just before the snow flies in the late fall.    Large salmon effortlessly cruise the funnel current at the Wolfeboro bridge connecting back way and Wolfeboro Bay.  The second photo was taken at the Pope Dam in Melvin Village during the annual salmon sunday a couple of weeks ago.   The […]

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