Wolfeboro: Character of Lore, Monte-zuma

Wolfeboro Legend Monte-zuma This is the true story of a character from Wolfeboro Falls called Monte…Monte-zuma in full.   This wasn’t his real name but that’s what the local boys used to call him back in the late 1950’s. Anyone familiar with the Smith River Canoe Race in Wolfeboro Falls knows where he lived because it is right on the opposite shoreline […]

Ossipee, NH Home of the First Snowmobile

 Several people have mentioned the new signs the town of Ossipee erected in late 2010 to welcome motorist.  Mr. Virgil D. White, a Ford dealer in West Ossipee, N.H invented kits for the model T Ford and received a patent in 1917 calling it the "snowmobile".  Here's the full story from the Model T Ford Snowmobile Club […]

Free Ward Bird

 If you've made the trip to the other side of the lake lately it would be hard to miss the Free Ward Bird signs and rallies taking place in Moultonborough and Center Harber.  Perhaps it's just me but the story really touches a cord and reflects a divergence between our civil liberties and common law.  It also […]

Backwoods Sculpture:Ossipee Mountain Range

The featured artist in this photo is an ancient volcano/ring dike that is the Ossipee Mountain and a natural phenomonon called Columnar Jointing, when the flow of lava cools at an even rate and fractures forming these perfect columns that seem chiseled to perfection.  I found them while hiking along a ridge on the Bald Knob […]

250th Anniversary Re-enactment

Two Photos.  A colonial blacksmith works a piece of metal under 1,500 degree temperatures at Wolfeboro's 250th commemorative colonial encampment on Brewster field saturday.   He was using blacksmith coal and an old hand crank blower to produce the extreme temperature in short order.  There were a number of French and Indian War re-enactors on-hand including the town's namesake General Wolfe.  The second […]

Cpl Mathew Stanley

 Cpl Mathew Stanley made the ultimate sacrifice while on patrol in Iraq.  This Memorial Day, he was honored by the community he left far to young with the dedication of the Smith River bridge on route 28 next to the Wright Museum. I wanted to make sure my young daughters understood the sacrifices our veterans have made so that we […]

A Colonial Oak

  Old trees are a commanding presence, silent, broad, unassuming and sometimes intimidating.   This three-century old oak has seen a lot in its day.   Close your eyes and you can envision a young colonial boy sitting at its trunk or a Abenaki hunting party passing under its bough (ok that's a stretch but maybe).  Envision whatever daydream you like and it has probably been around […]

Sherman Tank – Wright Museum

 The yellow light, blown out wall, a stone pile that looks like rubble crumbling into the river.  The view from 250MM lens just feels better from the opposite side of the river.   This shot is from the wooden bridge on the Bridge Falls Path in Wolfeboro Falls. The Wright Museum is "a non-profit educational institution dedicated to celebrating Americans' sacrifices […]

Remembering Wolfeboro’s Pavillion Hotel

This collage of stereographic images from the 1870's shows the front, side, and back view of the once grand old Pavillion Hotel in Wolfeboro operated from 1849-1899.  The photo on the upper right was taken today where the old hotel was located, which is now part of the Brewster Academy campus. The bottom right and center images shows the Pavillion grounds from the […]

Foss Field, America’s First Landfill to Park?

 A photo from this weekend over at the Guy Foss Field recreation area behind Harvest Market consisting of the Sue Glenn Playground, the basketball and tennis courts, baseball and recreation fields.   The whole area including Harvest Market used to be under water and known as the "real" Back Bay.    What we now call Back Bay was actually Front Bay and is still named as such on USGS topographic maps.   The bay was split in […]

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