Here are the top reasons why Abenaki rocks:

10) It is about 5 minutes from anywhere in Wolfeboro

9)  Snowmaking on a hill of this size is incredible.  Thank you friends of Abenaki.

8) Their cheeseburgers taste like a filet in sub-zero temps and they cost $3.

7) You don't feel like you just got mugged when you pay for a ticket.

6) When your rug rat says they are all done after 1-hour you still got your money's worth.

5) You can get 15 runs down the slope in 1 hour. 

4) A well known study by the academy of toughness shows that kids and adults that learn on a rope-tow are just plain tougher

3) Quick cure for cabin fever when your family is looking cross-eyed at each other.

2) The staff is very patient and have seen just about everything; so nothing is shocking

1) You will see a gigantic smile on your child/grandchild's face.

Feel free to add your own reasons.


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