It can take up to three generations for a Monarch Butterfly to migrate the 4000 miles to various locations in the southern hemisphere and the mexican plateau.   A butterfly may not ever make it to the final destination but it instinctively makes the journey and sacrifices itself in the process to carry on the greater good.

My brother in-law took us out on a sailboat this past Sunday on Winnipesaukee. It was a perfect day for sailing with steady winds and a few gusts pushing us over toward Rattlesnake Island.  One of the best parts of the day was watching the steady procession of Monarch butterflies fluttering southbound being blown down the lake.  Many of the Monarchs’ probably started the flight somewhere toward Moultonboro and Tuftonboro and had been blown down the broads eastward toward Alton until they reached the far shore, only to face the Belknap Mtn range straight ahead.   The Monarch butterfly just might be the king of perserverance.

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