2012 Brewster National Champions
Anyone who ever dreamed of accomplishing something great can appreciate the accomplishments of this years 2012 Brewster Academy basketball team.   The win over a very talented and undefeated Hargrave Military Academy out of Virginia last night in New Haven, CT, solidified this team as one of the best high school basketball teams in history.  

With a minute and fourteen seconds on the game clock and an 11 point lead you could see all the tension giving way to fulfillment and relief.    After three intense match-ups with Massunuten Military Academy, Notre Dame Prep and Hargrave Military Academy in a two day stretch, the young men were cramped, tired and running on heart.   Hargrave ran a relentless trapping defense that had crumbled their previous opponents but Coach Jason Smith and staff utilized their very talented guards and forwards to attack and pick it apart.   Here are some highlights from Cox Sports.

If you had the opportunity to see a game, you knows this is hard nose, top caliber hoops played with a lot of passion.  It takes years to cultivate this mental and physical toughness and a lot of battles on the court.   It would be easy to ramble on about the countless practice hours, AAU Leagues, travel games these guys put in to get to the top. Suffice it to say they have had diverse journeys to get them to this point and many still have dreams unfulfilled.   Thank you to the coaches and players associated with the 2012 Brewster Basketball team for sharing your journey with the community.   Now here are some photos and shout-outs to certain players from this fan's perspective:

Jakarr Sampson National Championship 2012 MVP
Photo of National Championship MVP and NEPSAC MVP, Jakkar "Endless Elevator" Sampson.   So much talent.  One of the most exciting ball players you will ever watch.   We can't wait to see where he ends up playing.  The fans are going to go nuts when they see his first alley-oop off the top of the board.  Dick Vitale is going to put him on the Diaper Dandy list.

Aaron Thomas and Semaj Christon

Semaj Christon and Aaron Thomas.  You would be hard pressed to find a better back court tandem.  Xavier and Florida State fans have have no idea what they're getting…"unleash the krackens".   

Xavier bound Jalen "superman-gun-show" Reynolds is tough and explodes off the floor with power.   Jalen didn't write the book on getting in your opponents head but he was probably the editor in chief.   He is so physical in the box his opponent is just mentally thrown off their game.   We'll be looking for a thunder dunk "gun show" on an ESPN station near you.  He's #4 on the team photo.

You don't get to be a Macdonald's All American from eating 1/3 lb Angus burgers at the golden arches, TJ Warren was recently selected for the honor and is an agile small forward and great scorer headed to NC State next year.

  Mitch McGary and Joe Bramanti
Mitch McGary and Joe Bramanti.   Mitch was huge against Virgina Tech bound #24 Montrezl Harrell in the championship game.  The fan boards up in Ann Arbor Michigan can't wait to get their hands on the power forward.

 Joe Bramanti is as tough an on/off ball defender that you will find.  He makes the big stops when the game is on the line.  Just watch the February 20th Tilton video of Joe stripping Tilton's, Iowa State bound Georges Niang in crunch time.   If higher powers are just, Joe Bramanti deserves a division 1 scholarship.   


Championship ball hoarding.    Semaj's hamstring loosened up when the game ball was on the line.

Coach Jason Smith, Champion Coaching
It's safe to say Coach Jason Smith is detail oriented:  2 hours before the Championship game in New Haven yesterday overseeing the maintenance to the net.  The photo was taken just before he dunked the volleyball over the guys head.    The coaching staff has done a fantastic job with the basketball program.   You can see dozens of Alumni representing the basketball program during NCAA's March Madness next week and an alumni game will be played in early spring.   For up-to-date info you can join their fan page.  

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