Journalist James Foley 
Few times in your life you are asked to help a friend when their life hangs in the balance.  Maybe you can't influence the outcome and maybe you can but one thing is for certain, you have to do all that you can.  
Even if you don't know the journalist James Foley that is being held in Libya, if you read this, and could spare just 1 minute of your time to fill out this petition it helps keep James' plight in the forefront.  Tomorrow night there will be a press conference at 5pm at the Foley residence with media outlets followed by a prayer vigil at Our Lady of the Holy Rosary, 189 North Main St, Rochester, NH at 6pm.    

James Foley is the type of young man that you would be proud to call a son, nephew, brother, friend:  Self-less, kind and a passionate advocate for the voiceless.  He has worked in Afghanistan, Iraq and now Libya at his own peril, to bring awareness to the hundreds of young men and woman serving our country and the inalienable right of freedom and liberty for the oppressed.  Some use the words liberty and freedom as catchy slogans.  James lives it, breathes it and puts his life on the line in the hope that the message is carried forward.    Thank you so much for taking the time to fill out and forward this petition.  We are going to do all we can until he is free.

Here is a photo of Jim from 1998.

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