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Cpl Mathew Stanley made the ultimate sacrifice while on patrol in Iraq.  This Memorial Day, he was honored by the community he left far to young with the dedication of the Smith River bridge on route 28 next to the Wright Museum.

I wanted to make sure my young daughters understood the sacrifices our veterans have made so that we can live in freedom. I can't relate to young men getting dumped out of landing craft at Tarawa on a coral reef 100 yards from shore, chest deep in water, under heavy machine gun fire, or crossing a fortified beach at Omaha as your brothers are slaughtered all around you.  But I do remember many days of sitting in my grandfathers lap asking him about his days in the Pacific during World War II.   It may be impossible to truly comprehend what they went through but to this day it just leaves a big knot in my stomach.

To all our veterans thank you. Thank you for your sacrifices.  To all the young men and woman serving today in Afghanistan, Iraq and around the world thank you.  Thank you for your sacrifices. 

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