Geocoin 002

This Geocoin originated in Germany and it came out of a hidden box here in Wolfeboro.  It's part of a modern day treasure hunt phenomenon called Geocaching.  People hide various boxes or "caches" of items around the globe and mark the location by using coordinates.   My daughter and neice just love the excitement of using topographic maps and GPS to track down these little boxes.   We especially enjoy finding these coins.   When you enter the coins special code into the website, you can see where the coin started and how it got to the box where you found it.   We're already planning our next geocache hunt in a remote location and we'll drop this little coin off for the next person to find.  I'm not going to show you the back of the coin with the special code because you have to earn that but it's inscribed, "The stars are the street lights to eternity".

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