Pavilion collage

This collage of stereographic images from the 1870's shows the front, side, and back view of the once grand old Pavillion Hotel in Wolfeboro operated from 1849-1899.  The photo on the upper right was taken today where the old hotel was located, which is now part of the Brewster Academy campus. The bottom right and center images shows the Pavillion grounds from the back, one before it was landscaped with elms and the other an after shot.   I only took photos of one side of the stereograph because there are actually two side-by-side images on a small board that gives a 3D perspective when viewed through a stereoscope.  Here is a link which better explains how the images work: .  A big thank you to John Osgood for access to the stereographs and postcards.  He has a good collection of historical postcards and stereographic images of Wolfeboro that I'll be referencing from time to time. 

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