Dock and playground 002 
A photo from this weekend over at the Guy Foss Field recreation area behind Harvest Market consisting of the Sue Glenn Playground, the basketball and tennis courts, baseball and recreation fields.   The whole area including Harvest Market used to be under water and known as the "real" Back Bay.    What we now call Back Bay was actually Front Bay and is still named as such on USGS topographic maps.   The bay was split in two back in the 1860's when the Wolfeboro Railroad was pursued.  

Believe it or not, Back Bay became the town landfill back in the late 1930's.  I have photos of my grandfather pulling a wagon of trash with other local boys and that's where they would offload.   I don't have all the concrete dates but over the course of two or three decades the bay was filled to capacity and covered over with gravel and loam.  Since the landfill was converted it has been the epicenter for youth programs for the Wolfeboro Parks and Recreation, to Little League and softball, tennis, soccer and countless children's activities.   I'd call it environmentally progressive for its time but it just doesn't seem consistent when you had to fill in a bay to get there.

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