Decaf Intermission main 
Great Waters Music Festival is hosting its third open microphone session for area high school students at the new Kingswood Youth Center on Center Street this friday night from 5:00 to 8pm.   The students named and created "Decaf Intermission"  as a gig for young people in the Lakes Region to showcase acoustic music in front of their peers, performers, writers, producers, teachers and community.  If you know of any students in the area that would like to come jam, give them a shout.    

I created this collage from the logo some of the students designed and the photos were provided from their first two jam sessions.  Performers are also given a t-shirt with the logo on it.  Thanks to Michael Nemser for the info and letting us know about these talented students. For more information visit their Facebook fan page at Decaf Intermission.   Here is also a link to the Great Waters Music Festival and the Kingswood Youth Center

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