Storm canopy 

The town was covered in a shroud of snow with exception to this lone ray of sunshine and blue sky off to the south.

This Photo was taken at 4:20 PM yesterday afternoon from the center of Wolfeboro Bay standing on 10+ inches of fresh powder and 6" of black ice. The 250 MM lens is fully extended to the south over-looking Barndoor Island and the Belknap Mountains beyond.   You can also see the burnt slop-side from the fire several years ago just east of Mount Major.

The Meredith Rotary Fishing Derby is just 2 weeks away and these fishermen are well geared.   You can see the 3 tip-ups on either side of the house.  The fuel box on the front left corner of the house.  The pine door…It even looks as though the chimney would pass inspection.   

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